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  Augmented Fantasy Gaming Presents

Dragon Drop XR

A state-of-the art multiplayer augmented reality tool for tabletop roleplay gaming soon to be available for both iOS and Android, Dragon Drop XR combines traditional miniatures with extended reality characters, environments and effects. Click the button below to join the beta testing group now forming for free exclusive content!

Send a message to join the Beta testing group for early access and free content!

Augmented Fantasy is at the cutting edge of mobile AR development. Our flagship product Dragon Drop XR is set to revolutionize tabletop roleplay gaming (TTRPG) through mass accessibility to ultra-stable world-class mobile augmented reality. Running entirely on a mobile smartphone you avoid the need for expensive and cumbersome hardware like a head mounted display.  Dragon Drop XR features state-of-the-art markerless SLAM based (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) real-time 3D environment comprehension, multiplayer gaming, fully animated characters, 3D scanned environments, particle simulation based effects and more.

By leveraging a state-of-the-art game development pipeline Dragon Drop XR seamlessly bridges the divide between the physical and digital worlds with a breathtaking creative and fun social experience that extends the many existing tabletop role-playing game franchises and active user communities already in existence.

Don’t give up your exquisite miniatures or environments for an all digital or screen based experience, combine the best of tabletop gaming with video game XR tech.

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